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We provide common salt. What differs from others is that the salt that we produce is exclusive mining from the Himalayan mountains. Containing about 84 minerals making it real, pure, safe, and healthy to consume. And ensure that there is no adulteration or artificial preservatives added which can cause health issue to our clients.

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We are having highly skilled professional team members. Who is specialized in mining the salt from processing it safe to consume without adding any adulteration.

Our Mission

Our Mission is not limited for just mining and processing it but it’s related how it’s done. The salt we produce goes through various processes like it’s vacuum evaporated making it pure and safe for consuming it.

Our Value

When it comes to value then we really value our customers to provide them a complete purified salt from the range of Himalaya Mountains. Not only providing salt to consume but also for various purposes like salt for health and Wellness, Lamps and Candle Holders, etc.

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This is totally free from harmful process, no chemicals and no added preservative

It is not only the salt that is kept on the table but it’s used for your Health and Wellness, Lamps and Candle Holder, Animal lick salt, industrial salt, edible granulated salt, etc.

Containing around 84 minerals which are high in iron, magnesium, phosphorous, calcium, potassium, chloride, zinc, copper, etc. All this in natural salt without any chemical processing.

It reduces your muscle cramps and improves balancing your blood sugar. It acts as a powerful antihistamine by the nutrients involved in the Himalaya Salt.